Only 6 shopping days left ‘til HallowMEME and stakes are high: Previous years’ HallowMEME costume contest winners have gone onto supreme internet fame and walked home with some srs prizes — this year’s prizes are furnished by Giant Media, Tumblr, Busted Tees and other friends of HallowMEME.

As always, we have an esteemed panel of internet experts on whose judgement your throwback Dancing Baby costume will live or die. They are:

Christopher “Topherchris” Price & Amanda Ferri, cool kids of Tumblr

Cole Stryker, Senior Social Media Strategist at Giant Media; author of Epic Win for Anonymous and Hacking the Future; 4chan sweetheart

Emmy Blotnick, Josh Lay & Cory Cavin, the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon bloggers

…and contest emcee Grace Helbig of My Damn Channel’s Daily Grace

There’s still time to RSVP: hallowmeme2012.eventbrite.com

1-thank you for calling me cool 2-there are literally millions of awful and weird photos of me on the Internet, Thank you for picking this one.
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