What’s Your Favorite Blog?

Thanksgiving is like zero days away and as much as I love bro-ing down my family the hardest, I like bro-ing down with tumblr even more. Recommend me some weird things on the internet to get into while at my parents. 

Edit: I just realized that I am literally asking the community to give me “work” to do on my days off of “work”

  1. smokey40 answered: yur mom is my best blog!
  2. bubudulidoo answered: DREAM CATCHER
  3. jalvear answered: sadcomedians.tumblr.com…
  4. sitlook answered: MYSTERYSEARCH.TUMBLR.COM
  5. steezbucket answered: stephendiaz.com
  6. berezina said: Also, are you going to the Hello, Giggles event tonight? Sorry to be missing it. Give a hearty laugh for me.
  7. berezina answered: I was thinking of reading Wesley Yang’s rudimentary online archive: wesleyyang.blogspot.com…
  8. boeck answered: amandalynferri.tumblr.com/
  9. thisisthebookthatiwrite answered: boniverotica.tumblr.com…
  10. iamcaseyrae answered: Tumblrs: unypl, hollywoodlady, discoverynews, guardian, lettersofnote, imremembering, thehairpin, humansofnewyork, fuckyeahhistorycrushes
  11. loganrhoades answered: dailyoddcompliment.tumb…
  12. 0hthea answered: cosmosonic.tumblr.com
  13. totes answered: gotagirlcrush.com
  14. ihavesweatypalms answered: What if Adele was Mrs. Doubtfire: whatifadelewasmrsdoubtf…
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