During January 2012, the 4,800 employees in Plano had watched five million YouTube videos during work hours

How Much YouTube Do Employees Really Watch at Work?

I am not a math master so please correctly if I am doing my math wrong. 

5,000,000/4,800 = 1,041.6 videos per employee assuming they are all on the same level. 

1,041.6/31 days in January = 33.6 videos a day per employee. This seems insane.

33.6/8 hour work days = 4.2 videos an hour.  This seems less insane. 

The average video on youtube is 5 minutes long according to this wired post making 21 minutes of every hour spent watching youtube videos. Seems totally possible. It just confirms that working at JC Penny’s sounds about as exciting as I would imagine. 

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