The Replacements - Beer For Breakfast
(All For Nothing/Nothing For All)

With their wildly destructive tendencies , legendary substance abuse, compulsive self-sabotage and total lack of discipline, the ‘Mats were often accused of not having their priorities straight.  This was the exact opposite of the truth.

It’s so hard to listen to this song and not want to throw a picnic table into a pool while slapping drinks out of people’s hands.

This weekend I went to a Professional Bull Riding event, drank more than a life time of whiskey, and watched two football games (and enjoyed them) I figured I would post a Bikini Kill song so I can officially be the dykiest bitch on tumblr.

Carnival - Bikini Kill

My favorite intro

"This is a song about the seedy underbelly of the carnival
The part that only the kids know about
This is a song about 16 year old girls giving carnies head
For free rides and hits of pot”