Food Issues


There are two delis close to my office: Green Deli and Trevi Deli.  Most of the staff gets their breakfast and lunch at one of these two places at least one day a week.  There’s a problem, though, they’re both awful in their own little way.

Trevi is the smaller of the two and has a very high order-accuracy rate (I’d say there is an 90% chance they’ll get your order right).  However, when you go to pay you have to deal with what could be the most miserable woman in New York City.  She’s a beast of a woman, sour as a lemon, like a little raincloud coming along to ruin your morning.  She rushes you through the payment process and shouts out your order total before you can add on any extras (like cigarettes).  She’s rude, short-tempered and generally mean.  A Port Authority employee - we share an office building with them - confirmed that it wasn’t just young people she’s a bitch to.

And then there’s Green Deli.  It’s much bigger and features a decent hot bar.  They have a swarming staff of workers all busily cooking and re-stocking the trays yet they cannot seem to get an order right.  It’s the kind of place you need to watch your order be prepared and shout out adjustments as the guy making it begins to fuck it up.  “I said no tomato!” you scream over the din of other people screaming to correct their orders.  “Veggie cream cheese, NOT walnut-raisin cream cheese!”  Their bagel guy might be the worst in all of New York.  I would say he has about a 15% accuracy rate with orders.  For instance, four of the last five days I have gone in at 9 and ordered the exact same thing: a wheat bagel toasted with veggie cream cheese.  There has never been more than two other people ordering at his station at the same time.  Every. Single. Time. this guy screwed it up.  One day he started to put butter on it, one day he started to put regular cream cheese on it.  Today I saw him scrape off the regular cream cheese on the bagel before mine and re-apply some low-fat veggie for a very dissatisfied customer.  I have sympathy for people in the food service industry - I was a waiter and a deli worker for many years - but messing up an order that has two components is almost a talent.  On top of this, they take customer orders out of order so that you’ll often find the person two behind you in line giving their order before you’re acknowledged.

This whining has no point, no possible positive change, as I’m pretty sure the owners of these two delis do not check my blog.  But I will say it makes me long for the days of Civic Deli, a fantastic establishment by our old office in TriBeCa.  They handled twice the traffic of either Trevi or Green and always managed to get orders perfect.  I miss you, Civic.  More than you’ll ever know.

One thing Streeter forgot to tell you is that the food at Green Deli is absolutely horrible.  I have never tasted a bagel so vom worthy and I don’t understand how you can make an egg covered in cheese so undesirable.    Green Deli used to the legendary punk club Max’s Kansas City - STYLE POINT!

Come home with me you’ll only have to do it once, ‘cause I know what it feels like to be your age

I am not sure why I got this email.  I cut it down significantly, but it was mass email asking if I would be interested in having holiday themed sex at a food drive on camera for a queer network.  

About the party:

Straponathon Ho Ho Ho!

Put on your sexiest holiday outfit and bring out your naughty toys for the hottest holiday party you’ll attend! All queer or queer curious women are welcome to attend, as are transfolk of course.

This is a supportive, safe, no-pressure environment. Come to play, watch, touch or be touched… And remember, voyeurism is participation. But watch out, we might make you lube and toy caddy.   :-)

In true holiday telethon tradition, I ask you to bring an item of canned food or a few dollars to donate to a local women’s group.  Please also bring
whatever food and drink you’ll want to consume.