Anonymous asked:

Hi. Went to NYC once, did the whole tourist/typical things. Going again in 2 weeks w my brother ( both 21+ ), suggestions on fun/different/cool things to do/visit? open to any ( fun ) ideas, please include hidden gastronomic gems if you have any... thanks.

Scott’s Pizza Tour

Shake Shack

The Cloister - Only to take in the insanity that it is still part of NYC

The Botanical Garden (the one in the bronx has a cool forrest, but besides that flowers are boringggggg but making fun of old white women is fun)

Catch a cheap comedy show at UCB

Go to the Intrepid Museum to check out the Space Shuttle 

If you like video games then go to Barcade

Paulie Gees in Greenpoint has my favorite pizza - the hellboy (pepperoni with a hot sauce honey on it)

Egg for breakfast or lunch or whenever

Fattyque for Asian BBQ

Fette Sau for wanting to die from food coma

Smorgasburg - Bring 20 - 30 bucks and an empty stomach and eat as much dope shit as possible

Crown Victoria has a huge backyard that is great for a night time drink

Union Pool for a one night stand

Go to Coney Island and ride the Cyclone and go to the freak show

Saltie for a dope sandwich (they have weird hours)

Di Fara’s - it is way off the beaten track, weird hours, but totally worth it. If you go to Coney Island it makes sense to hit up both of these at once