I read Paris Hilton’s Tumblr so you wouldn’t have to

Things Paris Hilton loves according to her Tumblr 

  • Her pics from her Vanity Fair cover shoot
  • @itstroyjensen
  • Spending time with such precious angels (kids)
  • Making someone smile & bringing happiness to their life
  • Her fragrance ad campaigns
  • A present from a fan named Cesar
  • Colombian press
  • Her @ParisHilton eyelash line
  • the color pink
  • Her beautiful babies Marilyn Monroe & Harajuku Bitch
  • Chilling on a lawn on a blanke with her babies
  • Watching @DannyAvila perform
  • Coachella/her life
  • The Camilla dresses she got from her aunt (they are perfect to wear to music festivals)
  • Her Coachella jewels and accessories
  • All the beautiful flower halo’s & cute accessories
  • The view from her bedroom

Things Tinkerbell loves according to Paris Hilton’s Tumblr

  • To travel



Announcing the Winners of The Great Tumblr Book Search!

When we announced The Great Tumblr Book Search, we had no idea what the response would be. In just 45 days, we received 175 entries. For the past month, editors at both Chronicle and Tumblr read through all of the proposals—tears streaming down our faces in laughter—with the goal of choosing one grand-prize winner who would not only receive $300 of Chronicle Books but also be considered for publication. So without further ado, we present the winners of The Great Tumblr Book Search.

Grand-Prize Winner: Sh*t Rough Drafts by Paul Laudiero

We’re pleased to announce that Sh*t Rough Drafts by Paul Laudiero is our grand-prize winner! Sh*t Rough Drafts imagines early drafts of famous literary works and screenplays, including the Bible, Harry Potter, and Braveheart. Laudiero started his Tumblr in February and it quickly gained a following, thanks to coverage on Huffington Post Books. Paul is a 22-year-old from Virginia, a Creative Writing major at George Mason University, and a writer and comedian who performs regularly at Washington Improv Theater in D.C. Last summer he interned at the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York.

Sh*t Rough Drafts Coming Soon to a Bookshelves Everywhere

Additionally, we’re thrilled to announce that we have signed a book deal for Sh*t Rough Drafts!  The book will combine new material with the best of the Tumblr entries and is slated for publication in Spring 2014. Please join us in congratulating Paul—and definitely follow his Tumblr if you’re not already.


The Great Tumblr Book Search also yielded three runners-up: Twitter the Comic by Mike Rosenthal; The Awkward Phase by Tyler Gillespie and Claire Meyer; and Activitorium by The Tangential edited by Becky Lang and designed by Caroline Royce. Each finalist (or finalist team) will enjoy $100 of Chronicle Books and feedback from both Chronicle and Tumblr editors. Their Tumblrs are by turns awesome and hilarious and definitely worth following!

Short List:

Additionally we wanted to mention a short list of other entries that we admired. You should follow these Tumblrs and cheer them on because they’re doing great work: Young MonstersBad Ass Civil War BeardsBunny Ears Over the YearsMister Book, and I Work at a Public Library.

Enter Next Year:

If you didn’t win this year or you didn’t quite get your proposal submitted in time, never fear. Chronicle and Tumblr are pleased to announce that this will be an annual partnership. The Second Annual Great Tumblr Book Search will kick off in January 2014. We hope to hear from you then! And thanks again to all the creative, witty folks who entered. It was a pleasure to read your work and visit your Tumblrs.

Hooray! Congratulations everybody!

Congrats Shit Rough Drafts!!!!!!!